Restoring the AppleTV in iTunes - no can do!


Just tried to jailbrake it - and when I came to

Restoring the AppleTV in iTunes - and it cannot be done. what can I do?

Just read in another message here on this board.

HOLD DOWN the MENU button on the remote, and the "-" DOWN button on the remote at the same time.  Reboot (unplug) and plug the appletv back in.

You should be able to do a factory restore of the APPLE TV. doing that.  Please look for that otehr message posted here, for better instructions.


I hold down the menu and the play button on the remote and it came up successfully. then It said that I had to do a restore with the file that I just made. That it would not do. is it because I should have disconnected the appleTV and reconnected it to make it work????

Read this



I got this mail:


While aTV Flash (black) beta 2 is compatible with the latest 4.1.1 (iOS 4.2.1) software, there is not currently a jailbreak available for this AppleTV version yet.

Unfortunately if you're not currently jailbroken you will need to wait for the upcoming 4.1 jailbreak from the iPhone Dev Team. They've commented publicly this new jailbreak is not far off, so it should be available soon.


So then I have to wait it seems!>



Sorry thought the discussion was about an APPLE TV v1  not the APPLE TV V2.  This forum is a V1 discussion.

But yes the "untethered" jailbreak, is not available for the latest Apple TV V2 (black) version of apple suppled software (4.2.1 maybe) yet.  Your Apple TV V2 has to be first jailbroken, before it can have and new software added to it.

Rumor is that this jailbreak untethered will be released on Christmas Day.  Then you will need to find instructions.



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