Restoring old IPWS file into my APpletv



I had already my appletv jailbreaked (version 4.3) but i made a reset and i need to jailbreak it again.

I had the ipws file from the latest restore and i wonder if i just could use it with the itunes and the tinyumbrella skyping the seasonpass part.

I have the SHSH on the tinyumbrella and i can start the tts server. 

My itunes is the version 11 and when i put the Apple Tv on DFU, it does not show the restore button. Instead it shows the restore button with the aptv on restoration, but that give me a 21 error. 

Any ideas?




I have tried with the itunes 10.6 and i am able to restore to an official copy of the appletv 4.3 but when i try to use the season pass firmware, itunes gives me an error 21.


Tinyumbrella is working fine, because i can sign and restore to the official 4.3 so i am not sure where the problem is. 

Any other suggestion?



By the way, i know that the 21 must be a problem with the DFU, but i am able to put the Applet tv on DFU perfectly, Season pass  Tinyumbrella and the ireb detect the aptv on DFU, but when the restoration starts, it looks like it change into recovery mode automatically.

This is the end of the log on the tinyumbrella: 

02/18/2013 00:38:39.319 DFU Device connected
02/18/2013 00:40:04.441 DFU Device disconnected
02/18/2013 00:40:11.715 Recovery Device connected:
02/18/2013 00:40:16.725 TSS Accepting connections…
02/18/2013 00:40:17.198 Received Blob request…
02/18/2013 00:40:17.530 REQUEST:

?xml version=“1.0”

7288Ii3tiFJonav4Y57oXbPQuJPboh2DNqvPTaTtFFm4 DpNg+qnBQNVQoq6uFno2xngyc1ZFrX8SW0yjMGf3vDdMMNDOkwyRHMNNJ+1f 9StCqH+DltAq1w== PartialDigest QAAAADgBAwDBg6l2is1c8NwTH7rNqz7i3gA==
02/18/2013 00:40:20.042 Wrote TSS response
02/18/2013 00:40:28.875 Recovery Device disconnected: null
02/18/2013 00:40:37.688 Recovery Device connected: