Restore / Re-Jailbreaking His ATV2



My Apple TV 2 is jailbroken for a long time (5.2)… However right now it is very strange behavior restarts, crashes etc …


I would like to restore or re-jailbreak with SP …


Is this possible without the update?


Because if I had put a day farewell Plex … And it would be drama!


In advance thank you;-)

before doing a rejailbreak, check thru ifaith if you have a saved blobs. Otherwise saved it using the same i.e. ifaith. Then, proceed with the process thru SP. I hope this helps.

thank you for your help, you advise me to do with iFaith software.


I just saw this tutorial with SP:



Is it better to do it with iFaith?

I’m on Mac OSX and it seems qu’IFaith does not exist …?

if you are using a mac pc, use seas0npass to save the blobs. Or if you installed ATV flash, you can do so as the forum suggest.

I tried TinyUmbrella: SHSH extraction failed


SeasonPass: failure (failed)


iFaith 1.5.9 on windows: failed …:frowning:


I do not know where to turn …


Ideas buddies?

Check on your ATV2 unit thru the Maintenance icon on your first ATV2 welcome screen (Assuming you installed XBMC through FireCore software ATvFlashBlack here).  Go to second tab over on the top of the screen–Settings.  Move to the top item on the list–Manage Backups.  From this new window, scroll to the bottom item, Backup My Firmware.  Hit Enter here.  Wait a moment or two and the list of available blobs will appear that you can use to re-jailbreak with confidence using SeasOnPass software package.  Works every time for me on a number of my colleagues’ ATV2 units that wig out on them occasionally.


Good luck

Ok thanks it’s ok ! what is the best ios version to install plex please ?