Restore/Re-jailbreaking apple tv 2 (4.4.4)

I’m sorry for the noob question, but it’s been a couple years since i’ve fiddled with my apple tv and I’m a little out of sorts trying to get my head straight.  I have previously jailbroken my aTV with firmware 4.4.4.  I have my original blobs saved as well as the patched restore file.  All I want to do is restore/re-jailbreak my aTV so I can put a fresh install of xbmc on it.  I tried restoring through itunes and selecting the patched fw but received error 3194.  I tried going the route of using the updated seas0npass with ifaith blob stitching but it was unable to download my blobs (i’m assuming since my aTV is already jailbroken).

If someone could just point me in the right direction.  I’m sure this shouldn’t be too hard since I have all the files I need, just can’t seem to get anything to work.  Thanks in advance for any help!

It seems I originally missed the step of running DFU pwner in iFaith prior to attempting to restore using the custom IPSW through itunes.  Unfortunately even after doing this I am getting the same error 3194.