restore personal configurations and third party software and plugins after update to 4.4

Hi all,

I have a working black aTV with firmware 4.3, jailbraked with SeasOnpass and aTV flash installed. I am thinking about updating to Firmware 4.4.2 since I would like to use Photostream. Does this mean, that I have to install and configure everything again, that I have installed and configured right now? E.g: I have installed XBMC and I have installed several plugins within XBMC.

So does upgrading to 4.4.2 mean, that I have to do the jailbrake again, install everything (e.g. aTV flash, XBMC…) again and reinstall all plugins within XBMC and have to make all other configurations? that would be an enormous time consuming effort…

Or is there a way to save this configurations and put them back after upgrading? 

I know that there’s a backup possibility within aTVflash. Does it also backup my XBMC configurations and plugins? Can I use such a backup after an upgrade of the firmware?

Thank you very much for your help.


Best wishes



I only use Media Player, but I did this, restored the backup, then restarted ATV software (DONT unplug - restart is under the Maintenance menu!) and all my settings for MediaPlayer are back.

Not sure about XBMC as I dont use it, but I’d expect it to be there too.