Restore original Settings logo?

Is it possible to restore the Settings icon to the original icon (instead of the fc icon) while retaining the jailbreak?  Where does the Settings icon file reside in the filesystem?  Can I restore the original icon file from the ssh command line?  Can someone tell me how to do this?


It should go away on it’s own, after a while. Mine reverted back after I installed Nito.

In my case the only thing I have installed is XBMC.  I’m happy with it and probably won’t install anything else.  But I’d still like to restore the original Settings icon.  Does anyone know what the Nito install did to restore the icon?


Try to reboot as Matty stated in another thread, and see if that works.



delete files from /var/mobile/Media/Photos/

there should be 2. remove both


Thanks!  Deleting /var/mobile/Media/Photos/spicon.png (and rebooting) restored the original icon.  spicon.png was the only file in that directory.



I prefer to restore FC icon, instead the original settings icon…

How can I do? Cause i went inside /User/Media/Photos and it’s nothing there. I have look through the internet and i foud a FC icon and I rename it to spicon.png and put it on that folder /User/Media/Photos reboot it… but the original settings icon still there…


Can anyone tell me where’s located that icon so I can change it?!?!



add it to:



add file: spicon.png




How to I get the original settings icon back? The trick here doesn’t work. I am on ATV firmware 5.3. I deleted the 2 files in /var/mobile/Media/Photos, reboot the box but the settings icon is still the Red FC icon.





It should go away when another app is installed. Try installing NitoTV (, I believe that will reset it.

Install only the NITO through that installer, If I remember correctly the XBMC installer fails if you do it through the Nito installer, you can install XBMC through the nito icon on your ATV though.


Thanks for the help but there has to be away to do this without Nito TV. I should be able to SSH into the box and change something which will reset the icon back to the original one.

Anyone else have anything thing?



The correct spicon.png to delete was found in


Once that is removed and the box is restarted, the original settings icon returned.