Restore List View Direct Playback on iPhone/iPad

Infuse 7.0 – all my seasons are in a new media rich UI.

I do not see an option to change them back to List View. Am I missing something?

Hey I had a similar problem but go to Options and then General. After that make sure “File Management” is turned on. After this I was able to delete and share the individual video files. It’s not the same as list view but you get the same options that list view previously had.

Yeah, I have that set and I can delete and share, which is okay. But what I really want is to be able to see the list of episodes in a season in an actual “list”. I don’t need half my iPhone/iPad screen taken up by key art and episode description. And I don’t like having to scroll sideways through a screen that only shows 2-3 episodes per screen.

All that needs to be done is for a toggle in Options to allow “List View” like the AppleTV version of Infuse has.

We have a few adjustments for list view in progress. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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In the new version of the application, the display of the list of episodes in TV shows has changed.

Now series are displayed horizontally on ipad, iphone, macbook. How do I enable the vertical view that was in infuse 6?

And yet, on the main page I now see some strange, incomprehensible files, for example, $ IW7Z1S7 and so on, what is this and how to fix it?

hey! Infuse 7 can see movies in my trash (storage on windows 10), wtf???

and hidden folders can see too (like recycle, system volume information etc)!!!

Been using Infuse for a couple of years now on iPad and iPhone. I 100% use the Files menu, to watch on-device content - I never use the home menu or streaming.

Really unhappy that the latest update makes watching any thing a two-click operation on iPhone… and an inconvenient hunt for the tiny ‘play’ button on iPad.

I just have no interest at all in the new file info screen that pops up whenever I click a file on the iPhone… or neglect to click the ‘Play’ button on the iPad. Could you add an option to bypass this please - I just want to click a filename and watch, not jump through hoops?

Just to add that I use Infuse a lot for music videos. So while this screen might not be a big deal for someone watching a 30 minute show or 90 minute movie… to have an extra click on a 4 minute music video is a lot more intrusive and unnecessary.

Coming in 7.0.2. :slight_smile:

Today’s 7.0.2 update restores the previous list view browsing behavior.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Just installed it. Thanks, as always!

I want to ask you to change the appearance of the status when viewing the list on the iPad.

In the new version, a bar is displayed under the poster, which shows the progress of viewing. On the iPad, such a strip is not visible at all! Can you return the display of the video progress in the list view as it was in version 6 of the application? (circle to be filled)

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