Restore from 4.3, having issues

I’m selling my ATV2 and am attempting to wipe the settings before I do. I’m on 4.3.

Two issues:

  1. Netflix gives me the message “Neftlix is currently unavailable” and doesn’t ever change. I have an internet connection. It’s been doing this for weeks. I’m assuming it has something to do with the OS version and I’ll probably have to update the OS.

  2. I can’t restore. I figured I’d just restore and be done with it, but when I attempt the “Restore” from Settings, I get a message that it can’t connect with Apple. I installed aTV Flash a long time ago. Did it block connections to Apple when I did? If so, how do I restore and get the box ready to sell to someone else?


If you want to completely wipe the Apple TV your best option will be to use a USB cable to connect it to a Mac/PC and click the Restore optioin in iTunes.

Doing this will completely wipe the Apple TV, and update it to the latest version.