Restore Apple tv 2g 4.2.1

Good day to everyone,

I have high expectations about the atv flash software for my Apple tv 2g.
Great work, you guys from firecore.

But at this moment i have problem. My Apple tv is in restore mode and i cannot restore to my default fimware 4.2.1.
I keep getting the message in iTunes that i cannot restore due to error 1016, under Windows and mac os.
I use a standard micro USB cable, not an Apple cable.

Can somebody help me to restore or see a solution?

Thanks in advance!

just a few ideas...


Is the power cable plugged in? if it is unplug it when you restore


try rebooting PC/Mac too


might help


Power cable is indeed unplugged. Rebooting also does not help also.
I Will try to restore with cable plugged IN. I did not try that yet.

Maybe somebody already Somers otter ideas.

Thanks. Eric

This topic can be closed. I solved the issue with a lot of trial and error. The restore in Itunes worked for me.