Restore after install

I have gone through the install procedure with my new ATV G2.  Everything works great until I do the

Restoring the AppleTV in iTunes

procedure holding the option key down and pressing restore.  I get an message saying that the device is not eligible for the requested build when itunes tries to verify the install.  When I acknowledge the message it shuts down the install.  I have the itunes 10 installed.  Any suggestions or is this normal?




Having the sample problem.

Im having the same issue.

Same issue & can’t get it to enter DFU mode. Really frustrating.

Ditto Whats up?

you need to check at your apple tv has the origianl software 4.1, if it was already updated to 4.2 there is no way to install CFW right now

the reason is because apple is no longer "signing" that FW. this is apples way of stopping people from staying on an older FW and keeping the devices jailbroken. after you jailbreak you must save your SHSH bolbs using TinyUmbrella. (google it). but.... if you have already tried restoring you may be stuck now. because you are now probably in dfu mode and cannot do anything without updating to 4.2.1. sorry...