I have an ATV2 and if I don’t use it for a few hours when I try and play something it will reboot. I have a restore and have upgraded to the latest version, but still have the same problem. Anybody else have or had this?

Any other 3rd party plugins installed?

If you can send in a bug report we can look into what’s going on.

I am having the same problem:

I am shutting down my ATV2 every time I don´t use it by switching off my power point. (I have connected my ATV2, my AVR, my TV etc. on one switchable power point - when I don´t use it, I switch off all).

But when I want to watch a film my ATV2 reboots several times - first time while moving through the menus, second time when starting the media player, 3rd time when accessing my files… But not every time…

I am still running my ATV2 with 4.3 (there is not unthereted JB for 4.4.x yet…), I am using flash(black) 1.0, I have installed all updates, I have uninstalled nitoTV and XBMC before updating to 1.0 from RC1 since I don´t use them… So I also didn´t reinstall them yet too.


I am watching films from an USB HDD pluged in my Airport Extreme. I was thinking that flash(black) might have a problem with sleeping drives at the Airport Extreme… Sometimes I am (was with RC1 and the prior Version of Media player) able to browse my files - but I was not able to watch them - I had to reboot my ATV2 using that option in the Maintrance menu.

If you need a report from me too, just tell me.

Yes, if you’re able to open a support ticket and send in a diagnostic report it would help in tracking down what’s going on.