Restarting when trying to play tv shows or movies through Plex

ok everytime I try to play a movie or TV show through Plex My ATV2 restarts.   It has been doing it for 2 days.   can someone tell me whats causing this?  or at least help me figure it out

I’ve been having the same problem! Every time I try playing a movie or tv show from my PLEX client installed in my ATV2, the ATV2 restarts. Has anyone found a solution to this?


While I realize this is not a big help of you want to use any of the features of Firecore’s programming.  (eg. The media player)  I would suggest that you jailbreak your ATV2 using Seasonpass and then install Plex through SSH. 


I have done this and have not had a problem with it since the Unteathered JB for 4.4.4 came out.  I Was getting a lot of Low Memory warnings and figgured it was because Firecore was using up too much memory to allow Plex to run.

Here is the guide I followed for SSH.