Restarting when trying to download subtitles

I guess the subject says it all. It has been working fine until today … When I try to download a subtitle the aTV restarts …

I have the same issue and also get problems (error MessagePad Aboutaleb connection) with the infuse 3 proversion on my iPhone

I have the same issue!

I have the same problem on two Apple Tvs since today

Same issue for me too!

Sounds to me (because we all have this problem since a day or two) as if there a problem with interface/api to or whatever service is being used to provide subtitles?

Not sure if the problem is still out there. I just cleaned up my apple tv 2 (made some more space) and the subs download was working again.

How do you “clean” the aTV ?

Yep, same here. Just tried it and it working again !!!

  1. Clear out large syslog file.

Step 1. Connect via SFTP using, for example, Cyberduck (

Step 2. Navigate to the /private/var/log/ folder and locate the ‘syslog’ file.

It the syslog file is large (over 50 MB) go ahead and delete it. The Apple TV will generate a new one the next time the Apple TV is restarted.

  1. Clear out cache folders

Step 1. Connect via Cyberduck (as described in the guide above) and locate the folders below.



Step 2. Navigate inside each folder, and delete any files found inside.


Or you can use a clean cloth :wink:

Thanks! I’ll try both methods! :slight_smile: