Restarted AppleTv and almost all apps are gone?

When I was watching netflix yesterday, all of a sudden i couldn’t connect to netflix,

so i wen’t in to my setting and relounched my apple tv.

When it came back, almost all my “apps”/Icons where missing.


First row are there, as such the lastest wached items,

below is three icons, media, computers and settings.

The row below has three grey icons, 

XBMC, Maintenance nad Remothe HD.

That’s it. Can’t find it on AirPlay either - 

What has happend?!



Your AppleTV doesn’t have a network connection. Restart it again and they should come back unless you are having network issues.

I encountered the same. However I do have a network connection.

I even tried another valid wireless network (5 GHz on a dual band router).

Both my networks work when I test them.

I can play from NAS and I can access internet pages from couchsurfer.

One thing though the unit cannot set time and date, and it seems to me that this could be the problem.


Any ideas ?

The same thing happened to me yesterday. Lost all my Apple icons except for all the FireCore ones. I switched from wired to wireless and same thing happens on both connections.

Any thoughts? 

I had a line problem with my sky hub, when it came back on this problem appeared the next time I turned my Atv on.
Although my iPad, iPhone etc said I had a good wifi and broadband connection and tested ok.
I reset my hub and All icons now present.
It may be worth noting that I couldn’t access the iTunes store while this was happening, but all ok after Reset.
Hope this helps

Oh wish I had read this first. I’ve just done a full restore. Didn’t think of resetting the hub. Barking annoying because now Infuse won’t remember where I was up to.