Restart Apple TV with Mouse in USB slot?

Hello All,

I recently got Firefox installed, and it works great. I’d like to keep the mouse plugged into the Apple TV, but I noticed some very strange behavior when I need to restart the box.

One time, it restarted OK but the light kept blinking orange. Another time, it ran through this endless command line loop. It would flash through lines of code, then black, then more lines of code. It kept going so fast, but I caught something about coreaudio… couldn’t make out the rest.

When I unplugged the mouse, then restarted, everything was fine.

Is this normal? Can you NOT startup the box with anything (other than a patchstick) attached to the USB port? I ran nitoTV smart installer with a 1.0 recovery, and turbo kext without any errors.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Yes, if any USB device (other than a hard drive) is connected during the startup the light will continue to flash orange. Connecting the device after the menu appears will allow the light to function normally.

Thanks for the reply. Wonder what that weird coreaudio error loop was that one time? Well, it hasn’t happened again, and everything’s working, so no bother :wink: