Response to Plex Cloud????

I am a massive fan of Infuse and I have used it on my Apple Tvs for the past 4-5 years. The main reason why I’ve liked the app so much is that it works without a turned on computer and until now it is the only app that allows you to do that in a good interface. However now that Plex are (in beta still) offering a cloud service allowing to you to store you library in the cloud (meaning I don’t need my NAS) I am considering switching… Getting rid of my NAS in exchange for a subscription of a cloud service (Amazon Drive) is definitely something I am willing to do. What is your action plan on this matter? :slight_smile:

My movie collection is ripped to “almost” blu-ray quality. I don’t see myself uploading very large files to Amazon and then streaming them from Amazon to my home at something far less than the quality I ripped them at.

We have some really great things in the works for release later this fall, which will add quite a bit of flexibility around where files can be stored and streamed from.

Stay tuned. :wink:

I don’t know the technology behind but I don’t think quality will be affected? Amazon Drive won’t reencode will they? It will be streamed in the same way as you stream using Infuse using your NAS i would have thought?

Awesome! :smiley:

Don’t even wan’t to think how long would it take to upload my 6 TB of movies to the cloud. Also not a big fan of subscription services, I prefer owning rather then leasing.

Amazon won’t re-encode. They will just store the file. I am just thinking about how Amazon/Plex would stream a 15GB movie file back to me at home so I can watch it in real time, without re-encoding it to a lesser quality. Although if I had a super fast internet connection, I suppose it might work. If Infuse is looking at cloud storage as well, that’s great - for access from places other than home.

Any update of this topic???

More news coming soon. :wink:

any new updates about this topic?

You mean other than since this thread started infuse now supports cloud drives? :wink:

yes but this thread is about direct playing from plex cloud drives (with libraries etc) right?

Not really, it was referencing Plex’s Cloud service ability and was asking if infuse had plans to include the ability to use cloud services such as Amazon Drive etc. It wasn’t a post having problems with Plex cloud. This thread was prior to the release of infuse 5 which introduced cloud services.

You will probably get better answers to your questions by starting a new thread with your specific problem like your google drive thread [v5.3.1] Google drive sync broken from the latest update? instead of adding to an older thread based on a prior version of software.

Good luck and hope you find out what’s going on with your set up!