{RESOLVED} Metadata Sorting Issues

Upon going into the tv series folders and the initial metadata sorting process commences, the shows are correctly moved into Season sequence without issue, but when I come back to the main tv series menu, some of the shows are moved to the bottom of the grid view, as opposed to being sorted in Alphabetical order. This does not happen with all the shows however.

So far this has happened with Arrow, Being Mary Jane, Empire, Game of Thrones, etc. For some of the shows I only have one season in the folders.

Here is an example of my folder structure:

Being Mary Jane

  • folder.jpg (cover art)
    – Season 1
    — folder.jpg (cover art)
    — Being.Mary.Jane.s01e01.mp4
    — Being.Mary.Jane.s01e02.mp4

I have this exact same issue. After the initial sorting process is completed, some shows are tehn moved to the end of the TV Show list, and some aren’t, so I end up with kind of 2 alphabetical lists, one after the other. Screenshots attached. Any pointers would be great.

Ok, I think I managed to figure it out on my own now. All the TV shows that DIDN’T move after having metadata initiated all had a different type of folder format inside the main folder.

Normal format:

Being Mary Jane

  • folder.jpg (cover art)
    – Season 1
    — folder.jpg (cover art)
    — Being.Mary.Jane.s01e01.mp4
    — Being.Mary.Jane.s01e02.mp4

Format of TV Shows that DIDN’T move

Being Mary Jane

  • folder.jpg (cover art)
    – Being Mary Jane Season 1 <<<<<<---- Not just labelled as “Season 1”, but as “Being Mary Jane Season 1”
    — folder.jpg (cover art)
    — Being.Mary.Jane.s01e01.mp4
    — Being.Mary.Jane.s01e02.mp4

Once i changed the folder structure inside the main folder, it seems to work out ok.

It works!

Nice one. Glad it worked for you too.

All my shows have the same exact folder structure, but the issue still persists.

I would check again.

There will be something different between the main TV Show folder name and the folder/files inside.

Check for Season folders being called only “Season 1, Season 2” etc and not “Alcatraz Season 1” or “Season one” etc

Check that file names match folder names. “Only Fools and Horses” for TV folder name & episode names, not “Only Fools & Horses” etc

Just make sure everything from the folder name to the inside folder names, to the file names are all identical.

I did. Checked to make sure there were no additional spaces in the names. Even went as far as using FIlebot to rename all the episodes in the series as the same thing (removing the HDTV, ETTV, etc) and still no dice:


Having the same problem with Arrow. And you really can’t go wrong with that one name:

-Season 1

I’m fairly OCD when it comes to the filing, sorting and storing of series on my NAS. So trust me when I say that each series has the same folder structure. I’m on the new Beta and still having the same problem. Others have reported the same as well. And it’s just random.

I think the problem is something else: TV Shows with just one season are treated differently than the ones with multiple seasons.

I see first in alphabetical order all TV Shows with multiple seasons (all with a grey box only).
After them, in a new alphabetical order, all TV Shows with only one season are shown. Here we have a nice cover.
Can others confirm this?

Hopefully this behaviour will be changed in a future update.

You need to check out the other thread about TV Shows not displaying right. This is the same issue I am having. See if the descriptions look like they are for movies that have similar names to the episodes. Thats what I am noticing is happening so its in effect thinking its a movie. If you already have the cover art then thats what infuse is going to use so its deceptive. You shouldn’t even need to make a folder for the season it will just group it all for you. Thats what it does on iOS and its perfect.

@ chaosxj349

Arrow with a Capital A could be different to arrow maybe (looking at your example)?

I also insisted that it was random & spent 2 days trying to figure it out, but it DID come down to minor differences within my folders & file names etc.

I too am very OCD about artwork etc.

I’m still using four other AppleTv 2 boxes, so removing the season folders won’t work for me at the moment.

Some shows like Legends will pick up the Season 1 perfectly, but Season 2 will pull a BBC show, so I usually have to click edit and select Legends (2014) from the list. But for the most part, Infuse usually gets it right. Agent X had to be selected manually and stayed in Alphabetical order, but Life In Pieces, Quantico, Major Crimes, The Expanse, etc. all went straight to the bottom once the metadata fetching completed.

I don’t keep seasons that I’ve already watched in the folder, so Arrow for example has just has a Season 4 folder. But The Expanse is a new series and only has a Season 1 folder, but that went to the bottom of the list as well. I’ll post screenshots of the folder structures of one that stayed in order and one that moved.

Thanks guys, this thread was very helpful. Few learning points from me. Some shows after metadata fetch moved to ‘sorted’ area, but had no icon and no name. 2 in particular - Castle and Forever. Inside they had all the seasons sorted correctly. I have finally sorted it out by adding year to the folder - it was previously in the naming convention of the file.

One issue persists - Shows that have a remake of the same name. House of Cards (uk and us variant) sherlock holmes (russian and uk version).

Another issue is Decalogue - it is sorted correctly inside, but has not moved to sorted area, nor has it Icon on Top folder nor Season 01 folder.
–Season 01
—Decalogue 1 (when I added naming convention s01e01 suddenly the files were no longer recognised)

And yet another sorting issue is Zatoichi (the japanese) - Stays unsorted, but has all the movies inside shown as tiles. When I click on ANY of the tiles, suddenly it opens the ‘series’ view.
–Zatoichi 01 - Tale of Zatoichi [1962] (folder with movie inside)
–Zatoichi 02 - Tale of Zatoichi Continues [1962] (folder with movie inside)

Ok. So here is a snippet of the folder structure on my NAS:

Here is Agent X that stays firmly at the top of the list once the metadata is cleared and refreshed (Blood and Oil, Empire and a few others don’t move either):

And here is the Being Mary Jane that moves to the bottom of the list (along with many others):

Image files are folder.jpg

Ok, for me, the first thing i would do with the Agent X that’s not moving to the sorted end of the list is to rename the files so they are all identical in format.

At the moment you have Agent.X (capitalized) for episodes 5 thru to 10, but non-capitalized for episodes 1 thru to 4.

If that doesn’t solve it, I’d then remove the release group info from the end of episodes 1-4 to see if that solves it.

I would also try renaming the folder from Agent X to Agent.X, or renaming the episodes from Agent.X to Agent X

I am aware that periods/spaces etc shouldn’t make any odds, but in my experience, they often do.


Actually, hold on, the most obvious thing I can see in your Agent X problem, is that your folder is Called Agent X, but all your files inside are listed as Agent.X.US (note the US).


TVDB has the series down as Agent X (without the US), so get shot of that from all the files inside your folder & I’m sure you’ll solve it.

Sad thing is the Agent X folder is the one that’s actually doing what it’s supposed to by not moving, lol.

In my experience, they SHOULD be moving.

Every mis-labbled show that I had, didn’t move to the end until i corrected all the errors within. Once I’d done that, they all moved & therefore ended up in alphabetical order again.

So, looking at your examples above, I would suggest that Being Mary Jane , as it’s labelled correctly, moves to the end (as it should) but Agent X (not being labelled correctly, doesn’t move & won’t until the errors in the labelling are corrected).

Ahhhhhhhhh. That makes sense. I’ll try what you suggested tonight and let you know how it goes.


Hey there, just trying to guess what are the correct naming specs for TV show, because the docs are not completely explicit (http://support.firecore.com/hc/en-us/articles/215090947-Metadata-101, it is said “Files” for TV Shows > Optional, without further details)

I was wondering if :

  • it is mandatory to repeat the TV show name in each file provided the grand-parent directory already contains it ;
  • if we can add the episode name in the file (For example : “S05E16 - Felina.mkv”)

It would be nice to have more explicit documentation on the TV shows ! Thanks !

Finally had some time to play around with the file and folder naming and finally got it sorted.

For shows like Legends, Empire, The Magicians, etc, I had to change the name of the folder to match the files inside (which were auto named by Filebot using TheTVDB source). So once I changed the Empire folder to Empire (2015), it was moved and sorted at the “bottom” with the rest. The files in the Agent X folder were renamed to remove the US as suggested, and that resolved that problem (the files in that folder weren’t renamed by Filebot previously).

Just by looking at how Infuse automatically names the episodes, basically tells you what the top level folder should be named.

Little things like the apostrophe in Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life in the main folder can’t be omitted either.

My only issue now, are the shows which have a colon in the name (e.g. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta or Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) where the files in the folder are named correctly, but the folder can’t be renamed to include the colon.

So the long and short of the story is, if the folders aren’t moved to the bottom of the list by Infuse, something is wrong with either the name of the containing folders, or the names of the episodes inside the folder. Correct structure for those still having issues:

Empire (2015)
– Season 1
— empire.2015.s01e01.mp4

Very special thanks to terryn.9532 and all others who contributed for all your help!!!