Resolution indication on selected movie/episode

It would be great if the resolution(s) of the selected movie or episode were visible on iOS as it is on tvOS. As of now there’s no way to tell which quality your playing if you, say, have multiple libraries (one with 1080p and another with 4K) from Plex. I’m attaching a screenshot of where I would presume this could be added if implemented. Thank you for the hard work!

Video specs can actually be seen at the bottom of the ticket in landscape view. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip James! I’d still prefer an indication in portrait mode but not at the cost of already planned features. As soon as user profiles are released (assuming they can link to managed users from Plex), this will be the primary video application for our entire household. Thanks again for the constant iteration to make Infuse. I’ve just started using it but really love it.

This was added in 6.4. :slight_smile:

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