Reset Settings Hangs ATV2

I wanted to reset my settings to make sure to start from a fresh JB flashed Unit with 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.1 - 9B830). After flashing when I go to Reset settings the unit hangs and needs to be plugged out and back in to boot. I suspect this is part of the jailbreak process however I wanted to confirm this issue using the new Seas0nPass with 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.1 - 9B830) so I know I don’t have a bad flash/jailbreak before working on my unit and installing 3rd party software.

I tried this with 2 ATV2 units. One was being upgraded from an old 4.x version the other was a fresh install of 5.0.2.

If you want to reset the Apple TV the best way to do this is to connect it to a Mac or PC using a USB cable, and click the Restore button in iTunes.

However, this step is not really necessary since re-jailbreaking with Seas0nPass will act as a restore in and of itself.