Reset of list position when returning to iPad app

I consider the following behaviour to be buggy:

When using the “tile” view (not sure what the internal term is, but basically the not-list one) with iPad in the landscape position, the scroll position of the bottom row resets every time I go back into the app – note: I do not mean relaunching, simply leaving the app and then tapping back in – which is very annoying when the last position is a few swipes away. This should not happen. The app should remember and retain last list position and not reset it every time a user goes back into the app. There are clear inconvenience consequences as things stand.

One more reason the list position should remain and not be reset: files that are not using English characters are shunted to the far right of the screen, which means that one may require a number of swipes to find it again

This is still really annoying. What, if any, are the plans to correct the situation?