Requesting some clarity on "Libraries in the cloud" in Infuse 6

Yes, you can have Infuse run on one device to index everything, then other devices would be able to read the info from iCloud. If you have a choice, the Apple TV is a good option for this since it can be left on for awhile without worrying about battery life.

It won’t hurt anything if you have another copy of Infuse open at the same time, as Infuse would simply update and/or discard any duplicate records it receives.

Thanks James,

If I understand, I think you are saying by signing out of my paid version (in the app, not iTunes), I can then download the 6 update then click ‘restore’ within the ‘view subscription’ menu and the data stored by infuse on each device will stay intact.

Am I correct?


Hmmm - OK James but there is clearly still an issue over the libraries and the database compiling as a whole (a long standing issue as you well know) … I have as a test disabled icloud on 3 out of my 4 ATV.s - I then deleted all the data from my icloud which consisted of Infuse 5 and Infuse 6 - restarted my 4th ATV and then let it try and sync to icloud - 1 hour later it had managed to put up some 750mb up to icloud before stalling - however that is no-where near enough data as I have nearly 20tb of library consisting of 2,900 movies and 34,000 tv progs … the sync icon is still spinning round after 24 hours with nothing further being added on to the icloud data. Turning on icloud on the remaining 3 ATV.s have not added to the data and the sync is still trying to do something that clearly it cant ? … How big do you expect this icloud data to be ? You must have an idea from your own in-house testing ? Infuse 6 has additionally renamed all ATmos 7.1 to some weird audio name which can only be rectified by going to each movie and forcing it to re-recognise the individual movie (no great) and still the database will not recognise if you have updated any movie to a later one with better resolution and sound and will only show the originally recognised one - again a force is required (problem existed in V5 as well) using check for changes doesnt fix any of this either :frowning: - finally despite all 4 ATV’s connecting to that same server and having the same config the internal databases are different on each ATV ranging from 7gb on one down to 4 gb on another one ? again - been like that since V5 :frowning:

I’m not really well versed in the new icloud thing since I’m learning with everyone else but I do know that right now Infuse isn’t loading artwork to icloud, only the text data and the customized settings. The reason you’re seeing different amounts of metadata on different ATVs I’d guess is different artwork stored on it. I know that a library of about 12K TV episodes and 750 movies added about 450 MB to icloud.

Artwork back up to icloud is coming down the road from what Firecore has said but that will be an option so you don’t have to have it if you don’t want to swamp your iCloud account.

Hi again. I tried searching but couldn’t find a definitve thread / answer.

I have two ATV. One the kids use and one i use. All files are on a central NAS. Is there a way to edit the shares on Infuse so that each ATV only has access to certain directories?

If i unselect a share (say Music Concerts or something), because of the syncing, it unselects it on both ATV. I would only want that share on on e main one and not the kids (as an example).

Both ATV are signed into one icloud account (mainly because if i am watching a TV show on one, i might want to resume on the other).

Hope i am making sense in trying to explain my issue.


The best way to do this is to use parental controls or rather set a password protection so that the kids can’t access for ex Movies/Horror - you would need for example top level folder Movies and then sub folders under that - I”such as Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi etc. You can then selectively restrict access to the folder of your choice … or even an individual movie of your choice. You cannot have 2 ATVs doing different things unless you set them up with 2 accounts - pay for infuse twice :frowning: or you it by disabling sync with iCloud … which clearly is not convenient as you can’t pick up where you left off from one ATV to the other.