Request: Partial Zoom

Can we add add an option among the zoom setting for a partial crop zoom (like “normal” but instead of zooming to fully expand the top and bottom to the screen edges to zoom to half the distance)?

I ask because the normal zoom often crops too much of the sides off for 16:9 widescreen on iPads and so a 50% vertical height zoom (and side crop) would provide a compromise of sorts to not lose so much of the sides while filling more of the top.

Infuse allows for partial zoom via ‘Aspect Ratio’ option.

This is handy in cases where you want to crop out some of the bar area, but not all. Simply change the Aspect Ratio setting from Auto to the ratio of your choice, and Infuse will crop accordingly.

Got it. I guess what would be more convenient is if there was a way to quick-switch or be able to pinch-zoom (in or out) to adjust the zoom while the video is playing, as otherwise you have to find the precise aspect ratio that will zoom it to the desired amount (which is tricky to figure out so that it zooms/crops to the desired amount). Not sure if there’s a way to allow pinch-zoom (and keep aspect ratio) while the video is playing.

“Aspect Ratio” can be work with compressed rip file, but not with 1:1 blu-ray rip because picture with as top and below black bars.
So please add zoom function. Thank you.

This should actually work with all videos.

  1. Select the Crop zoom mode
  2. Select an aspect ratio (usually around 2.35:1) to partially zoom a video with embedded black bars
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Ok give me some time I will check.

False alarm everything’s work, thank you!

Any possibility of enabling pinch-zoom (like there is on nPlayer for example), or the ability to have a more intelligent 1/2 zoom option when toggling through with the zoom icon… (where the black band is reduced by exactly half – this would take into account the iOS device’s native aspect ratio (whether it be iPhone or ipad), compare against the file’s aspect ratio, then zoom-in enough to reduce the band by half… some fairly simple math)

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