REQUEST: Movies 'By Added Date'

Infuse is, well, just awesome. Just about every desire – and some I did not even know I had – have been implemented. Amazinningly awesome app for the Apple TV.

I have one, minor, but highly useable feature request. I often add movies to the DB in groups. And the rate of these add sessions far exceeds my ability to watch them – and so they drop off the 30-slot ‘Recently Added’ section and my dinosaur brain is not able to remember I added them. I love the speed and efficiency of having on the top 30 in recenly added, but would you consider creating another sort called ‘By Date Added’ and placing it lower, perhaps just after ‘By Release Date’ ???

Pretty please :slight_smile:

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Anyone else see a need for this? Am I the only one who adds movies faster than I can watch them?

That’s what I use watched/unwatched status for.