REQUEST: Library view - filter by release date


How does this filter work?

Where is infuse getting the data? Is the output list being sorted by "year-month-day? Or only by year?

When I choose 2010+, the list looks random mixing 2015 and 2016 releases in no specific order at all.

Instead of relying on “recently added”, which is being destroyed on every new version coming out, and the preconfigured templates 2010+, 2000s etc, I would like to have one master view listing ALL movies, sorted by release date, starting with latest first to the oldest last, like the list below.

Release date



Also another good filtering option that I used before on my DLNA server was to combine sorting of “year” with “rating”. Let’s say the rating scale is from 1-10. The list would look like this:

2016 Rating 10
2016 Rating 7
2016 Rating 3
2015 Rating 10
2015 Rating 6

Using this combined filtering will save you time to find the best movies by year.

Would anyone else be interested in this?

Great ideas!

We definitely plan to add some refinements to the categories for library browsing in a future update… the most obvious one is probably a filter for listing the most recent releases (newest to oldest).