Request for Support of Bonus Content - implementing the standard Plex Local Media Assets methodology

I’ve converted all of my discs to MKVs. I’m one of “those people” who likes to have all of the extras in addition to the main movie. Unfortunately, these Bonus Material files make Infuse somewhat unusable because these files are displayed in the UI how as another version of the movie. This makes it impossible to tell which item listed is the actual movie. Additionally, some of the Bonus Material files are mapped to completely unrelated movie names. Plex has implemented a Local Media Assets methodology that addresses this issue. Here’s a UI comparison of how Infuse and Plex handle bonus content, using the movie Annihilation as an example:

Attachment: Infuse - Annihilation - Extras: Infuse shows the main movie and the extras as 6 different versions of the movie Annihilation.

Attachment: Plex - Annihilation - Extras: Plex shows one instance of the movie and after selecting that main movie, it shows each of the featurettes as Bonus Material related to this main movie.

The way Plex handles this is through file naming and/or folder naming. All of the files for the movie Annihilation are placed in the same folder. The Bonus Material files are named “descriptive name -featurette.mkv”. Alternatively, all of the extras can be placed in a sub-folder named “Featurettes”. Allowable Bonus Material files names are: -behindthescenes, -deleted, -featurette, -interview, -scene, -short, -trailer. Similarly, allowable bonus material subdirectory names are Behind The Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, Interviews, Scenes, Shorts, Trailers.

The short-term, it would be great for Infuse to simply ignore file names and sub-directories that follow the Local Media Assets naming convention. Showing these files causes a huge usability problem.

In the long-term, it would be great for Infuse to add support for Local Media Assets following the methodology used by Plex and other media players. For both Movies and for TV Shows.

Thanks for the consideration of this feature request! (And hopefully, there is enough detail here to create a good user story!)



Agree 150%

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