Request for an aTV Installation Guide

Hi all,

New to aTV and considering purchasing aTV Flash along with my Apple TV when I move to my new home a few months ahead.

But before I place my order, I have a couple of questions regarding to the installation part of the aTV and the USB Drive part.

Please find my question below:

  1. Where can I find an installation guide on how to install the aTV to patch my Apple TV?
  2. Does the 2 GB USB Drive required for patching the aTV a one-time thing, or should I keep the USB Drive together with the Apple TV for it to function properly? (answer decides either I am going to buy a USB Drive or to borrow one for temporary use.)
  3. Does the the “aTVed” Apple TV support .ts, HD video container and the MKV 780p?

Appreciate your help, guys.


I patch alone my first AppleTV one year ago. After few nights of work, everything was fine, and divX movies and external USB HDD work fine. Recently, I want to patch another one for my brother, but to avoid waisitng time, just buy aTVflash 3.4.4.

Honestly, this option don’t save my time:

  • aTV Flash need to write a full installation guide on how to install the aTV to patch Apple TV. Is normal after you buy a product, to have installation guide step-by-step, not to read forums around. [only from my early experience, finally almost everything work good]

  • with aTVflash 3.4.4. I can see any external USB flash drive (4GB or 8GB)[FAT32}, but I can’t see my usual external USB HDD (40GB)[NTFS]. Any help, please? Is because I install first of all, a new AppleTV software update to 2.3 ?

I followed the instructions specifically for USB mount:copying the entire DMG file (Mac OS dmg10.4.9.) in the AppleTV “Documents” directory (connecting with Cyberduck). Try the Smart Installer again and again and it fails. “Install Partial or Failed”. Even with Mac OS dmg10.4.10. don’t work.
Maybe, because my USB HDD (40GB) is NTFS? But why work on my first Apple TV (1.0) ? And on this one Apple TV (2.3), doesn’t work ?

Appreciate you feedback. Don’t want to spend too much time …:wink:

Kind regards,