Request for an alternate to AppleTV2

I have had a jailbroken AppleTV2 for many years. I have waited to see if the ATV3 would ever be jailbroken, but it obviously will not be.

I am really ready for 1080i output and want to ask what other options are available? I have my movies on external Apple formatted harddrives connected to an Airport Extreme (The new white tower version) and want to be able to access them with a new settop box like Roku or FireTV. Are there any other options I should look into?

Is there anyway to easily access my AVI and MKV files on the ATV3?

Thanks for any advice,


Id like Firecore to put there software on this product.


2 things:
buy an android streamer for example Minix Neo x7 (there are many android boxes now on the market). I have one myself, played with it a couple of months. they are some good and bad stuff with it:

  • google apps on your tv (games, tv - if working, choose your own player, xbmc etc…)
  • Your tv will look like an android tablett and to me, that was not good enough, I actually hated it. So back to ATV2.
    Or only install XBMC as default.

ATV3: You can always download and pay for Flex without jailbreaking. If you have a NAS or PC, you will need to set up a flex server for your share.
It kind of look great, haven’t tried it yet. But you will keep your ATV3 actually made for HD with a different player on top of it.

Good luck

What about the Google Nexus Player?

You can see here:
Comparison of some media players.

I haven´t seen Nexus player yet but according to the spec, looks good.
You also have ROKU 3 witch is getting better and better. ATV look alike but with more content. I am starting to be interested in this one actually.

If you are watching netflix, make sure the app is already installed. Not like the minix I have where I downloaded the app from google store. The resolution is not the same as netflix app will be watchable on a tablett, not on TV.

One more thing, Don’t know if you are a tv freak :slight_smile: but look for DTS, if you can stream from NAS, if wifi only (like the nexus), and the resolution rate.

Personally, I would choose for Ethernet as good wifi depends on many things…

//Good luck in your choice.

Thank you Julie for your messages. Very helpful indeed.