Request: Better Buffer control for large files

Situation: Play a very large file (e.g. 18 GB) over a connection that maxes out at e.g. about 15Mbit/s

Current behaviour: Initial buffering, play for a while, buffering, play for a while.

Probable cause: Speed calculation does not consider fluctuations enough, tries playing because overestimated connection speed

Proposed solution:
a) Check total file size of remote file and play time of video
b) get a larger average sample of connection speed
c) give warning when uninterrupted playback may not be possible
optionally d) give option to buffer a large enough chunk before initial playback begins



How long is the video, at roughly 90 minutes you would need an average of 26mbps to play that movie, and at 120 minutes you would need an average of 20mbps to play that movie. Improving buffering is not going to help in your situation. You’re basically downloading some of the movie, and playing it until you run out of buffer, so it pauses and downloads some more movie and continues to play it again until it runs out again and so on.

I would either transcode your movie file to a smaller bitrate, or use a MOCA adapter setup if you have cable wired in your house, or use powerline ethernet adapters etc… I think you should shoot for a sustained 30mbps to play a file that big.