REQUEST: Automatically updating library in main view

I’ve noticed that infuse for Apple TV only updates the library when you are at a specific menu. When browsing folders/library or from settings menu library. Is it possible to enable that infuse will update the library from the main screen or anywhere in the background when no movie is played? This will save time by just opening the app and then prepare some food for example, letting the library update. It is annoying that you need to enter a specific view in order to have it updated.

Infuse automatically updates the Library whenever the app is opened. However, it will only show the status in the Library menu, or Settings > Library.

Maybe someday Apple will give us background refresh on the Apple TV. #fingerscrossed

Thanks I didn’t know that, will try next time to just open the app and wait.

It would be nice to have a notification that the library is being updated, would it be possible to add this in the main view?

I would like that too, my father never knows if there is something being updated or not.