Report Spam threads or post

I have noticed a few people who are taking advantage of this forum and are posting spam on threads and comments. Please report them here.

Need to pinned this post.

Check the last comment of imageconsultant Infuse on Roku?

Same spammer different profile from India Check the last comment

Sorry, was on a coffee break. :wink: We don’t really need a pinned thread for spam it’s just that time of year where we get a shower or two more often. Feel free to PM me anytime with the info if I happen to miss these. I try to check all new posts several times a day but sometimes RL takes priority.

Thanks for keeping an eye out!


Hey thank you so much for taking action so swiftly. Actually I was thinking of making it pinned because, spammers will notice this thread and will know that their post will be posted here so they won’t even try to take advantage of it. I have seen many spam related pinned post in a lot of forums.

But, you’re the Mod, whatever you think fit.

Always watching out buddy. Thanks!

Suspicious user /spam

Thanks, all cleaned up.

For now :wink: