Replacing genetic folder icon

I have Infusion ver. 7.5.7 Pro serving from a Serviio server app on a Synology NAS.

This works quite good.

I have a lot of TV shows in separate folders on the server, and they show up fine in Infuse.

It gets metadata from the TMDB and things look good.

I have three “favourite” items on the homepage:

Movies, Documentaries and TV series.

When I go into the TV series folder, I can see all the series with their name below a generic folder icon.

But I would like to replace this generic folder icon with an image representing the series.

Is there a way to do this?

I have tried putting a JPEG file called “folder.jpg” (1000 x 1500 px) in the folder of a specific TV series.

But no matter what I call the file I still just get the generic folder icon.

This is what I do, and it works for both the Library and Files/Folders browser (which your favorite buttons take you to).

Do you perhaps have tv episode files in the same folder (not one level down in their own folders)?

This is an example of my folder hierarchy on my NAS:

All TV
     folder.jpg <-custom folder icon if desired
     4K TV
          folder.jpg <-custom folder icon if desired
          The Last of Us (2023)
                folder.jpg <- TV series poster
                Season 1
                      folder.jpg <- Season 1 poster
                      The Last of Us (2023) S01E01.mkv
                      The Last of Us (2023) S01E01-thumb.jpg
          Silo (2023)
                folder.jpg <- TV series poster
                Season 1
                      folder.jpg <- Season 1 poster
                      Silo (2023) S01E01.mkv
                      Silo (2023) S01E01-thumb.jpg
     HD TV
          folder.jpg <-custom folder icon if desired
          Succession (2018)
                folder.jpg <- TV series poster
                Season 1
                      folder.jpg <- Season 1 poster
                      Succession (2018) S01E01.mkv
                      Succession (2018) S01E01-thumb.jpg
                Season 2
                      folder.jpg <- Season 2 poster
                      Succession (2018) S02E01.mkv
                      Succession (2018) S02E01-thumb.jpg

This structure and file/folder naming will get you what you want 99.0% of the time.

TV Show Name and structure

Just remember, if you have the year in the file name then you’ll need the year in the series folder name also. If no year in one then no year in the other.

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With the caveat that TMDB-sourced poster television poster images are displayed but organizational folders (the levels above “Test TV Show” in your example) only get generic folder images unless users purposefully add or select them from networked sources via the UI.

Are TMDB-sourced poster images visible in the Files/Folder Browser, or only in the Library? I don’t recall (since I have all images stored locally).

Emphatically agree — though I always recommend including the year for the most accurate results.

Thank you for the answers.

I tried this on one of the tv show folders:

  • create a subfolder called “Season 01” (show has only one season)
  • move all files except “folder.jpg” into this folder.

On the screen for the “tv shows” favourite I get (for this show) both the old generic folder icon and a new icon displaying “folder.jpg”, also with the show’s name under it.

When I click the old generic icon I get a screen with another generic folder icon labelled “Season 01”.
When I click that, I go to the show’s first episode with a list of the other episodes below.
This makes sense as it reflects the new folder structure (with the “Season 01” folder).
But there is yet another icon in this folder called “Sæson 1”, which means “Season 1” in Danish.
This is just like it was before, as Infuse deducts that there is one season, probably from the “s01e0X” in the file names and uses the Danish TMDB season info.

When I click the other, new folder icon I go to the last played episode, but now the list below only shows that episode.
I’m not really sure what the logic behind that is.
Does anyone know what it is?

I had also hoped, that I would get only one icon.

Yeah, I’m not sure I understand what’s going on. Can you post a picture of what you’re seeing and a picture of your folder directory structure?

In this case, the lone folder.jpg as described should be displayed as the poster for the entire TV series. You’ll see this both in the Files Browser and the Library interface.

The Season 1 folder (containing all the Season 1 episodes) will only show a generic icon if it doesn’t have its own folder.jpg inside — but you’ll only see the Season 1 folder in the Files Browser, since the Library no longer shows season poster art and instead flattens all series’ episodes to one details page, which includes a season selector bar.


Which device are you using, by the way? Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

They all lay out the UI and content differently, so knowing that will help us communicate.

On AppleTV, the Infuse homescreen favorited bar will have by default a blue icon for Movies (that are included in the library) and a magenta icon for TV Shows (that are included in the library). Clicking these icons brings you directly to content regardless of where in the world it resides.

To the right of these, you’ll see orange icons for any folders you’ve favorited — if, for example, all your documentary movies are in a folder named “documentaries” and you favorite that folder, clicking the orange link will open that folder in the Folders Browser. You’ll see the contents of that folder (and any subfolders) until you navigate down to a folder that only contains a single video (or single season of a TV Show). At this point, the Folder Browser view flattens; the video’s folder icon is replaced by the video’s poster, and the next click brings you to either the movie’s or television series’s details page.

Local artwork files are not supported with some connection types, including: UPnP, DLNA, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.

If you want to use local artwork you may need to use a different connection type.