Replacing an movie file - old infos?!

quick question. I have some older 720p movies, i got them as 4k discs now.
I kept my folder, deleted the old movie file inside it.
updated infuse on my mac to check if movie is gone. Yes.
Copy new 4k file into same folder.
Update infuse to check if movie is present. Yes.
Clicking the movie to check if its correct. No. Still showing 720p and wrong audio from old movie file.
I can’t get that data updated :confused:
Any tips??

Do an edit metadata and re-select the correct movie. That should force a refresh the easiest way.


I spend so much time trying to fix that :rofl: have that problem since months.

Click metadata and fixed, why on earth did i try everything except this?! :expressionless:

thank you so much! you made my day :slight_smile:

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I won’t say how long I battled that problem before I was told how to fix it. LOL Glad to help! :wink:

i tried to delete, re add, rename, name back, delete folders, move, restart, everything i could imagine. And that takes time with 60-70gb files, even with gbit network :confused:

There is another way I’ve used successfully, instead of deleting the old movie first, go ahead and place the new one next to it and let Infuse scan it. That will create duplicates in your library but they will each have the correct specs for the video. Then you just delete the low res movie and everything will be back to normal with the new info. This also assures that your watch history is correct too.

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