Replacement of hard drive in apple tv 1st generation plz help

got an apple tv 1st gen  only flashing amber light no boot no signal .  

i think the hard drive  so i have old hard drive from laptab  plz if you know step b y step how to program it to apple ios so i can save the apple tv 1st thx 


dont answer me go buy one  i know that .  i like the challenge and this is a hubby . thx 


1st off why did you post this in the 2nd gen Apple TV section?


2nd why is it in the jailbreak section?


3rd Google is my friend


4th If your HDD is dead and cannot clone it you can use This to restore the ATV software

U r right. Did not pay attention when I wrote the thread 

thanx for the response 

not always google is solution.  . Google is my friend too but need someone who has experienced the same problem. Becuz it is not  as simple as u may think .

Finally it’s not about restore. It’s the mother board who is burnt.  So in future if someone ask this question about flashing Apple TV light none stop means the unit is useless and dead 

thank buddy for your time