Replacement for Plex Media Server

I’ve been using Plex Media Server running on my Raspberry Pi for about two years, and Infuse for the last 18 months.

In the past few months, I’ve hit a few errors with Plex which has made my library unavailable. Because of this, I’m considering switching to a different method of serving the files. (My library is well organised.)

My requirements are that:

  • I can edit metadata on one iOS device and it replicate across all iOS and tvOS devices
  • fast library sync speeds on LAN
  • ability to remotely stream and download on iOS
  • I can host it locally rather than paying a monthly fee for cloud storage
  • it is secure

Is there a solution that matches all of those requirements? If not, then I will look into making Plex more stable as it meets all of the above (when it’s working.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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The only other option is emby. If you want a more stable Plex server look at moving it off a raspberry pi and moving it onto something more robust.

Thanks. I will look into emby.

It’s likely that I’m set on one kind of Raspberry Pi (running Raspbian) solution or another as I have a few other things running on it too.

Jellyfin is another one that seems quite popular. Infuse doesn’t support emby or jellyfin but it looks like it’s on their to-do list.

Could anyone give some input on Jellyfin vs. Emby vs. Ple, solely from the server point of view? We’ve been using Plex for 9 years, and it works very nicely, but I don’t like that they have control over my server, and that if my internet fails, then I can’t stream from my Plex Server. And frankly, I loathe the attitude of the Plex developers towards their userbase.

I have used, and continue to test and use all 3. I run all of them in docker on unraid.

Plex - most mature I feel. Trakt integration very lacking, as it relies on scripts or plugins that haven’t been updated in years. I need to keep my plex server running for my sister and mom. I have Infuse connected to plex and it has been working great for me.

Emby - very good metadata management, as it can store nfo and image files alongside my media files. I use emby mostly for metadata fetching as I can modify images from any client. Stable trakt plugin that syncs fully and scrobbles. You can sign up for the beta for infuse and test out emby/jellyfin integration.

Jellyfin - have been just testing, but seems fine so far. I will wait to use fully until it is a little more mature.

To answer your question, I would set up Emby and see how you like it. Jellyfin if you want slightly less mature but it is fully open sourced I believe unlike emby.

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Thanks a lot! for your feedback!

Infuse now supports Emby and Jellyfin

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