Replacement chmod binary needed

I managed (please don’t ask me to relate the sad story of how…) to delete the chmod binary from my /bin/ directory on a jailbroken ATV 2G running 5.0.2. Could someone snatch theirs and make it available for me to download somehow? I’ve tried everything I can think of to find one elsewhere with no luck.

I have found a trick to make that binary executable by borrowing permissions from chown, so that’s not a problem…I just need the binary itself. Unlike chown and chgrp, chmod seems only to be located in /bin/. Thanks to anyone out there who can help me out!

Never mind! I stupidly assumed that the binaries came from the .ipsw…turns out they were installed as part of the coreutils-bin (or maybe coreutils) package. I was able to restore my missing chmod binary by running “apt-get install --reinstall coreutils coreutils-bin”.

What a lot of wasted effort in the last 24 hours…alas.

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