replace mac mini with apple tv

I have a 2009 Mac Mini with Plex for movies, music, and such.

I also have a jailbroken Apple TV.

My 3TB Time Capsule holds all my media. So the Mac Mini pulls the content from the TC through Plex in the living room, and Apple TV pulls content from Plex on the Mini in the bedroom.


I’m looking for way to replace my Mac Mini with another Apple TV.

I need a way for the aTV to see content on the TC instead of the Mini.

All of the content is formatted for iPad and aTV.


I was trying to use the jailbreak frapp, Media Player.

I thought this may be a way to pull content straight from the TC, but it seems to have trouble seeing folders on the TC.


The one thing I see missing from the Mac Mini is Hulu Desktop, Transmission, and Pandora.


NOTE: I do not want to use the aTV home sharing option bc iTunes is required to be open on a computer. I share my iTunes library on the TC with the mini, my macbook, and my gf macbook.