Repairing with iTunes/external HDD



All of a sudden our iTunes library has stopped seeing our Apple TV (which has it’s library on an external HDD) so I need to repair them. If I “reset” the Apple TV to reconnect it to iTunes then reload the aTV Flash software, what the Support pages says is that because the external drive has already been formatted by aTV flash, it will see the external drive without needing to wipe it again in the event that I need to reset the Apple TV.

If this is the case, am I right in thinking that the Movies folder which aTV flash creates to store moves won’t be wiped? So I can reset the Apple TV, reload aTV flash, reconnect the external drive and carry on or will it wipe the external drive again because I’ve repaired it with iTunes? Although the music side of it will be reloaded?

Sorry to sound confused, but that part isn’t too clear on the support pages… :slight_smile:


Many thanks.