Reorganizing Front Row

With all the additional things I’ve added to my ATV through ATV Flash, and XBMC… I really feel like my AppleTV has become quite a power house. But the one thing that always kills me is the iTunes movies and TV shows menu items right at the beginning of my front row. I don’t need or want them there… as I never use those services. What would be amazing would be the option to remove certain menus like that… or even simply the ability to rearrange the menus so I could put them at the end of the line.


Is there a way to do this now? Or is this a good suggestion?

If you install Overflow (via NitoTV) then you can move any of the top level items to be a submenu of the Overflow menu item.

It would be nice to be able to re-arrange things as well.  I am sure this must be possible by manipulating underlying plist entries, although I have not come across an easy way to achieve this.

Thanks for the reply! I never really looked into what NitoTV was… I see it has a host of utilities that I think I’m going to use. I even manually installed BTstack for a bluetooth keyboard… didn’t know I could do it straight from this menu!


EDIT: I gotta say, Overflow is essentially what I was looking for… and it is quite an improvement… but I wish it had a bit more options as far as reorganization. The way I have it set now, the Overflow menu item is 2nd after the Internet menu item… when I’d really rather it be a bit further down the line.