Rentals turned off

I am on 4.2.2 and when I go to rent a tv show there is an announcement up top that there is a software update and there is only the option to preview episodes. I have updates turned off via aTV Flash but it still says that on the TV page.

Anyone else have this side we aren’t upgraded to 4.3?

Is no one else seeing this?  There is no rental option.  

same problem.  some episodes have the option to rent while others only give the preview option. very frustrating. guess we need to update to the latest update to check out these

Yes, same here.  I’m jailbroken on 4.2.2 as well.  I guess 4.3 is required to purchase TV shows.  And since 4.3 isn’t jailbroken yet, we’ve gotta wait.  Or make the choice to update and lose the jailbreak for now.  


I’m staying jailbroken.  I can get these TV shows from other sources.