Renew subscription or not ? Plz help.

Do I have to renew my subscription for ATV flash or just let it be. My subs is expired , but my xbmc working fine and I could also update the new atv flash.2.3 even after my subscriptions was expired in " maintainance.". So I am wondering to renew or what ? What will happen if I dont renew it ? Will I miss my backed up firmware ? Any disadvantage not to renew the subscriptions. ? I am confused. Please help.

If you do not have a current subscription, then it is not possible to reinstall ATV Flash (any version) if you ever need to re-jailbreak your ATV.

You subscription allows you the run the ATV flash installer from a PC or MAC.

So if you ever need to re-install it from a PC or MAC for whatever reason you will need a valid subscription.

The most obvious reason for doing this is to jailbreak to a different (newer? ) version of iOS.