Render multiple subtitles at once

As an international app, it even adds support for Ali Cloud to show that it’s doing a good job of localizing in China. But it neglects to support bilingual users on the second subtitle.

It’s been a couple years since this post, but this feature is still only on Waitlist.

And I hardly use any of the features added in recent years.

Infuse’s approach of relying purely on the forum community to prioritize is not really reliable or representative of the vast majority of users’ experience. Many non-native English speakers probably don’t want to sign up for an account specifically to give feedback.

Could @NC_Bullseye @james please take a look at the usage rates of the recently added features?

As a player, it would be nice to see more optimization of the playback experience (e.g. fast-forwarding is a pain). Thanks.

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This is an important feature for me and I’m looking forward to it soon

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can’t agree more