Render multiple subtitles at once


I have the needing to render multiple subtitles at once.

Currently every time I have to search the subtitles in the languages I need from the app on tvOS and then open from my computer and use some tools the merge the two subtitles in a single srt file. If I could render at least two subtitles at time (also embedded ones from mkv) it would be very appreciated.

When dealing with embedded subtitles in mkv it is even more troublesome since I have to extract the subtitles before merging them.


Hi! has there been any update on this? This feels like an easy feature to implement once you have a player able to pull subtitles from a database and display them. It looks like somebody has already put this together for Chrome: Netflix Dual subtitle for learning languages - Chrome Web Store

Hello there,

I wonder if it ‘s possible or will to have 2 subtitles on the screen at the sametime?

Thanks in advance.

It would be interesting to be able to display a second subtitle in the same video simultaneously.
This can greatly help with language learning.
BS Player and SM Player do it on PC, KM Player (old version) too.
I do not know any video player managing double subtitles on IOS.
Will Infuse be the first?

Thank you

Hope the mutiple subtitles will be considered at later update.
At least 2 subtitle at once will more help for language learner.