Renaming the Hostname?

Is there a way to change the default apple-tv.local hostname for one of my AppleTVs, so I can log into them separately (without using IP addresses)?

I saw a post on doing so for the 1st gen AppleTv, but wondered if it was possible on the new one...

hostname -should print your current hostname

hostname -fqd -should print your fully qualified domain name

hostname "string"  -should set your hostname to something new

The hostname can also be adjusted on the AppleTV through the Settings --> General --> Name menu.

By default it's set to 'Apple TV', but you can easily switch it to something else.

Thanks. So by default the name is "Apple TV" and the ssh login is apple-tv.local - does that mean changing it will convert to lowercase automatically? That's not how it works on OSX (I realize iOS isn't the same), so I just want to make sure before I mess with it.

If I changed the name to "Living Room" would I then log in using living-room.local?


Right, the hostname will be the same as the 'name' shown in the Settings menu (swapping any spaces with a '-').

Note: I don't think the hostname is case sensitive.

Apple TV = Apple-TV.local

Office Apple TV = Office-Apple-TV.local