Renaming menu items (e.g. "nitoTV")


I’ve tried all the possible solutions in other threads for this, but none of them worked.

I really would love to change the name of the menu items, especially “nitoTV”. I love nitoTV but I hate its name and would like to rename it to “External” (because I use it with my external hdd) oder something like that.
Tried to rename it to External.frappliance, tried to edit the info.plist and tried to edit the InfoPlist.strings in English.proj but nothing works. Either it justs stays the same or it completely disappears from the menu until I undo my changes.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

does no one know any solution for this?

I suspect that nito wants his “pride of authorship” to continue and honestly he should be thanked more rather then have his name hidden…

Found a useful guide here: