Renaming local files (iOS)

Desperately need this feature.

Im downloading videos directly to iPad from redirect links at URLs and they all get named “videoplayback.MP4”

We need to be able to either rename the files OR set our own metadata names. Currently if it’s not found in the metadata DB then you can’t assign it as a name. You can’t search for TV shows in the DB either.

Please advise if there is any solution or workaround.

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Renaming files isn’t available in Infuse right now, but is something we hope to address in the future.

For now, you can manually search for movie titles using the Edit option.

Thanks for the prompt reply James. Hope this gets prioritized in the next release ! Huge fan of the software and the pro subscription model.

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need it too!

Yep is an important feature please think about adding it to a future version. It’s may be fixed by searching the metadata if is a movie, but if it’s a tv show you’re f*%$&!

Please add it

Please add it. I am also a subscription user. Changing TV Show metadata is almost impossible. I uploaded “file.mp4” to infuse, and the want to change its metadata to match a specific season + episode of a TV Show…it keeps returning movie titles only… Thanks.

Playing or Download from url of INFUSE is an excellent real-time and offline watch video feature,but some streaming web files is always the same video file name so that we can’t save more video files into local device.
So if INFUSE support ‘Save As File or Rename File by Downloading From URL’ to let user to able to decide to save and rename video file then we could save any online video files into local device successfully.
I hope this feedback will allow INFUSE to have more better experience on playing the movie .

Infuse last version I dont find the way to rename a video

thanks for helping

I cannot believe it’s 2022, so many years later and we still can’t perform an action as simple as renaming a files name while totally deleting select or multiple files is not an issue. It’s beyond frustrating that this needs the aid of a computer or changing the file name through another device.

But why would you need to? You can’t create or acquire new content through Infuse; so why wouldn’t you fix the filenames when you rip or download them?