Renamed disk shows in aTV still with old name

Hi, i face the following problem. I renamed some disks (which I share with aTV). The new name doesn’t show in aTV, still the old names are there. Also after removing the share and favorites and making a new share and favorites, the names are not changed into the new names. Does somebody had the same issue and can this be solved? Thanks for your help.

The problem is only with disk names. If I change filenames, the updated names show in aTV.

To change the way the disks appear on the ATV you will want to change the ‘Share Name’. This can be done through the Media --> Settings --> Manage Shares menu.

Thanks, this worked!


Sorry! I tought it worked, but it doesn’t work. I still see the old name in the left upper corner of the grid view. Only the favorite is renamed.


I hope you see what I mean?


For example, I had a USB disk over my network with documenteries on it. It was named movies docu. I deleted the docú’s and put a lot of kids movies on iet. I renamed the disk to Movies kids. In the favorites it was still named movies docu. You helped me with changing that in your earlier answer. I renamed the favorite to Movies. But now i looked at the grid view and still (in upper left corner) there is the name Movies docu. Rather confusing…   


So there are two things you can change.

One is the Favorite name, this is how the item will appear in the main menu.

The other is the actual Share name. This is setting is found in the Manage Shares section, alongside the Server, User and Password entries.

In the example below the Share name is “FireCore’s AirPort Extreme”.


Hi James, yes I noticed these two options to rename. But if you rename these two, then still the name is unchanged in the grid view. in the upper left corner the old name remains. it looks like a bug.