Rename TV shows

Sorry.Just one question. I’ve got tv shows organized in this way…
Folder LOST that contains different SEASONS (a folder for season) and every season have episode name like S03E02

But with mediaplayer 0.9 many times I can’t get informatio at all.

How should I rename? Is possible to have an image of the show instaede of a grey folder image?

Tanks and sorry for the english

Cover art can be used for folders by simply placing an image with the same name alongside the folder, or placing an image named ‘folder.jpg’ inside the folder.

In the current version, Media Player only looks at the actual filename for retrieving metadata. A few examples of recognized TV Show name formats are below.








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The only TV Show I can’t figure out how to get info for is the new Hawaii Five-0. Can you post what one would use for a file name to make this work?



Hmm, it looks like the dash is causing issues. We’ll look into it and see if we can get it fixed.

In the meantime, if you drop the dash so it’s just “Five0” it should work.

E.G. Hawaii.Five0.S01E02.avi

Worked like a charm, thank you.

What Software do you use to rename your shows? Couldnt find one that sufficiently renames the files to that odd dot format

The upcoming version will support a number of additional naming formats including:

  • Name Season# Episode#
  • Name.Season#.Episode#
  • Name s# ##
  • Name.s#.##
  • Name SE#EP#
  • Name.SE#EP#
  • TV Show/Any Folder/S##E##.mkv
  • TV Show/Any Folder/##.##.mkv

This along with a number of other features/fixes will be available in a new version sometime next week.

Dallas - s02e09 - JR for president.mkv would be my preferred format. Thanks for the fast reply

Confirmed working in the next version. :)

Can you also confirm if the following format will be valid in the next version: ‘Dexter - 1x01 - Pilot.mkv’ ? Thanks in advance!

Yep - works like a charm.  :wink:

Hello @ all !

The naming and organisation of my movies is doing well. The metadata knows lots of my movies.BUT I am trying so hard for the tv shows. No show (not even one) is recognised ! I have the example with Dexter … I tried dexter.S01.E01.avi or dexter.s01e01.avi and so on … nothing worked for me ! What have I done wrong ??? 

Can anyone give me a hint ?!?! Would be great !

And for james - THANKS YOU VERY MUCH for the media player ! Sometimes it shuts down and restarts but thats the only “problem” (exept the metadata for the tv-shows) which I have - but I know its just beta status and I can’t wait for the final :slight_smile:

you and your team rule !!

take care

nice greetings


Have you marked the folders that contain your TV Shows as TV Shows?

By default, all folders are marked as Movies. You can mark a folder as TV Shows by highlighting the folder, holding the center button, and selecting the TV Shows option.


Hello James,

UPS, sorry for my stupid question, I didn’t know the “trick” with holding center button on the directory.NOW it works great !!!:slight_smile: SORRY !! (is there somewhere a manual where I can read about the tricks ? :slight_smile: ?? )

Can’t wait for the final :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot !

Nice greetings & good night!

Details for setting up and using aTV Flash (black) can be found at the link below. A number of new guides will be available within the next few days.

Hello James,

thank you for the link, I was looking there but I just found the “guide” for naming the tv-shows but I didn’t find the trick to define its a movie or tv-show directory …


Another thing is now - since I “activated” the thing that there is a directory which is defined as “tv-show”  - the connection to the share and the change of the directories

is extremly long (saying “waiting”) before the a chance from one to another directory was 3 seconds - not it needs 60 seconds …

Is this just the first times when he is maybe collecting the metadata ? and it happens now quite often that the player “restarts” when changing in other directories …

Nice greetings