Rename the seasons on a TV Show

On plex there are ways for you to rename the seasons of a tv show so you can create a more custom folder for your personal content, but when infuse reads that it turns back to “season 01”, “season 02”…
Would be awesome if we could change those names on infuse (or if it kept the changes from plex) because that would open a whole new world for creating categories of personal content.
Let’s say, you wanna build a music videos library:
You can set the name of the tv show as the name of the artist and instead of season 01 replace it with music videos, season 02 - Live performances, season 03 - A specific concert… and so on
This way as soon as you enter on the artist’s page, you can choose between categories that make sense instead of season 01, season 02…
This would be AWESOME!

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