Rename Appliance

Hey all;

Just updated to the latest aTV Flash.  In my previous install I renamed “Media” to “Movies” (via Encodings.plist) and then renamed “Movies” to “Rent Movies” - I cannot seem to recall or find the .plist file to rename the Movies.appliance label… Any ideas?



Found it! : /User/Library/Preferences/Movies.appliance opened it with UltraEdit and edited:


to read:

<string>Rent Movies</string>




On my version of AppleTV iOS (5.0.1) jailbroken by Seas0nPass and enhanced with ATVFlash (Black,) I do not see “/User/Library/Preferences/Movies.appliance”

I do however see the “private/var/stash/Applications/”

I made a copy first of that file, then edited <string>MoviesApplianceLocalizableName</string> as you outlined, to <string>Rent Movies</string>… restarted the AppleTV… and it worked.