Rename a title in the database ??

Hi …

The 5 Transformers movies are sorted by their French title (my ATV is set to FR language) and they are not sorted from #1 to #5, but something like 2-4-3-1-5 …

Then, Is there a way to rename a movie title after it has been added to the database or maybe to sort the movie lists manually ??

Thanks for the replies !


Are they in the correct order under Library > Movies > Collections?

They’re not detected as a collection. Any way to gather all the 5 movies into a single collection ?


How are you connected to the share? DLNA, FTP, SMB?


Since you are using SMB you should see the Transformers collection in the library.

Do you have "Show Library in settings checked?

Do you show ANY collections in Library > Movies > Collections?

Yes. I have several collections, even one for “Ready Player One” (1 file for 3D ISO and 1 for UHD)

But as the FR title is slightly different from the original ones, this is causing a little mess up, which would be easy to fix by letting the user to change the sorting name of a movie …

Any chance that I can do this ?


So are you talking about a Plex collection on a plex share or a collection from

I’m talking about 5 ISO files I have on my NAS …

Well, there is no “Collection” for Ready Player One so you either aren’t using the library function in Infuse or you are using a plex server “versions” collection best I can tell.

Do you have a library Favorite on the home screen?

Ready Player One was just an example (I have 1 file for the 3D version and 1 for the UHD), with no link to the main purpose of my request.

Yes … I have a lot of favourites (most of them are now hidden after i added them to the library) …

Is there a way to simply rename the “sorting name” of a movie added to the library ?? That would then let me re-organize my titles …

And also, is there a way to create a “personal” collection or to remove a movie from a collection ??


If you have the library turned on and have the movies Transformers in the library, they will show up under the Collections sort and they will be in correct order even with FR selected as the language.

There currently isn’t a way to change the order provided in the library collections sort other than to join themoviedb website and submit your changes.

You can change the sort in a favorite one way but it’s for all, not just one series of movies. If you go to

Settings > General > Sort Order > [ Title / File Name / Date / Release Date ]

and select “Release Date” that should change your movie order to release date in your favorite.

Look at the attached picture. Here is another example of what is happening … No collection created, no good sorting … And the files are named “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 1” and so on …